Bâton Bleu

Folk blues tribal
Friday, March 22nd - 8:30 pm
Les Vents d’Anges (Free Entrance)
Saturday, March 23rd - 9:00 pm
Le Touco (Free Entrance)
Warning! Acoustic-psycho-bluesy-ethnic UFO embellished with feminine and ethereal voices and, in counterpoint, a tribal voice of a lone wolf that is reminiscent of the tone of Nick Cave and Tom Waits' narrative. Sometimes neofolk, sometimes primitive blues, Baton Bleu changes course with music that entertains in different genres and languages. The audience travels. First of all to the American South to meander in the bayou or in the streets of multicultural New Orleans. But the duo, formed by Maria Laurent and Gautier Degandt, who often surround themselves with other musicians, also take us to other parts of the world. The instruments testify to it: Mongolian lute, kalimbas, aulos, banjo and various percussions. The two Rennais please us with bizarre and wonderful stories.
Le Blues autour du Zinc