Bernadette Seacrest

Tuesday, March 24th - 8:30 pm
(Français) Magic Mirrors (20 €)
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Bernadette Seacrest embodies strength and femininity. Originally from both the East and West US coasts, this singer has a sense of iconic Californian visuals as well as the audacity and class of New York artists. With her debut in the 80s as a ballet dancer and also as a muse of the punk fashion scene, this American with a perfect voice that mesmerizes audiences has always had two facets that have made her a tattooed pin up. We feel a love of music more than a love of showing off. Over the years and through experience, Bernadette has evolved in musical styles that revolve around rockabilly, jazz and soul. On stage, there is complicity with the audience from the outset and we know that we are going to have a great time!
Le Blues autour du Zinc