Big Dez


Saturday, March 16th - 3:00 pm
Centre Commercial du Jeu de Paume (Free Entrance)
More than twenty years after its creation, Big Dez is now compsed of Phil Fernandez singer and guitar player, Lamine Guerfi on the bass, Rodolphe Dumont on the guitar, Steve Belmont on the drums, Léa Worms on the keyboards et Marc Schaeller on the harmonica. The group continues to frequent europeen and american festivals, always bringing a lot of energy. Big Dez’s style is electric blues mixed with humor and melancholy, strongly tinted with funk, soul and rock and roll. We salute the birth of Big Dez's eighth album, "Last Train", the first to be recorded in Paris, at Studio 180 by this Parisian group and mixed in Austin, Texas. The album consists of twelve titles with well-marked Blues/Rock character that were composed by singer and guitarist, Phil Fernandez. We still find, of course, the three main protagonists of the group whose training has evolved somewhat over time. Prestigious musicians strengthened by acclaimed guests such as Lucky Peterson on the Hammond B3 organ and sax Gordon Beadle on the tenor sax.
Le Blues autour du Zinc