Collectif BAZ

Unplugged Folk
Thursday, March 14th - 7:00 pm
Hôtel du département (Free Entrance*)
*sur réservation au 03 44 10 47 19
The BAZ (Blues Autour du Zinc) Collective is back for its third consecutive year on the boards of the festival with a new ‘unplugged’ formula. The team, led by Baptiste Vayer, have swapped electric guitars for acoustic, folk guitar, pedal steel, double bass and stomp. … Joss Dujardin, Alain Carminati, Fabrice Hélias and Mohamed Wahil will rediscover blues roots in opening this 24th festival. This is a taster of what awaits you for the 25th festival next year … ‘Autour de la guitar’ when the guitar will find itself centre stage.
Le Blues autour du Zinc