Pop-Trip hop
Saturday, March 28th - 10:00 pm
(Français) Magic Mirrors (28 €)
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Daysy! With two "Y's" and a lot of talent is a duo formed by Daisy Berthenet and Léo Chatelier. The two musicians from Caen offer modern trip hop tinged with pop and folk. The mix is ​​skilful, powerful and carried by well-honed voices and elegant arrangements. We sometimes think of Sia and this new wave of musical know-how that brings us neat productions and beautiful music that, despite everything, remains personal. Newly released in September 2019, the first album "Better Days Are Coming" keeps all its promises with sublime titles led by the voice of Daisy Berthenet who knows how to vary the intonations. A first excerpt entitled "Mama Told Me" sums up the nature of the album and the duo perfectly: dynamic, invigorating and dreamlike.
Le Blues autour du Zinc