Melvin Taylor

Wednesday, March 25th - 8:30 pm
(Français) Magic Mirrors (20 €)
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Melvin Taylor comes from two regions of the blues. Born in 1959 in Jackson in the south, he grew up in the sixties in Chicago. In this big northern Midwest city, it was at the age of 6 that his family introduced him to the guitar. Later, the young Melvin passed through the clubs of Chicago’s West Side and quickly became the local blues star. In this city nicknamed "The Heart of America", Melvin too has a heart. This is heard in his playing and in the sound he makes. As a great admirer of Wes Montgomery, the influence is not far away but is discreet with a clear, muted and soft guitar sound. Jazz is also part of his culture and Melvin Taylor's blues diversify the pleasure. This prolific composer is fond of all blues eras and roots styles.
Le Blues autour du Zinc