Ambient blues
Thursday, March 19th - 7:00 pm
(Français) Magic Mirrors (Entrée libre*)
*sur réservation au 03 44 06 60 51
You will experience a road trip concept with Nijinski and their cinematic music at the launch of the 25th festival of the Blues Autour du Zinc. In 2018, this project was started and is managed by musician Jérôme Jasmine and actor-writer Patrice Juiff. The former provides the guitars, backing vocals and composes the music as well as the arrangements. The latter turns his attention to the texts and with a husky singing voice narrates fragments of life. In embellished atmospheres of blues and progressive rock, tales where unknown or famous characters such as Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison or Tennessee Williams evolve in rhythmic psychodramatic universes .The rhythm section is made up of Fabrice Leroy on double bass and Franck Canny on drums.
Le Blues autour du Zinc