Philippe Kerouault

Friday, March 22nd - 3:00 pm
La Petite Maison (Free)
Saturday, March 23rd - 3:00 pm
En face de la Brasserie des Halles (Free)
Friday, March 22nd - 9:00 pm
Café du marché (Free Entrance)
Saturday, March 23rd - 9:00 pm
L’Alternative (Free Entrance)
Philippe Kerouault was besotted with the guitar and roots music as a youngster. Since then he has paid tribute to his two passions: his six stringed instrument and the blues. He loves all sorts of guitars: acoustic, electric, and especially one in particular called a ‘resonator’ (often wrongly called a ‘DOBRO’). Guitar makers Gibson have the Dobro brand, it was actually a technique invented by the DOpyera BROthers. So much for the little aside about this typical blues guitar! With his guitars, Philippe Kerouault, has travelled all roads leading to specialized roots festivals. He is coming back, and rightly so, to the festival this year.
Le Blues autour du Zinc