Prettiest Eyes

Noise psyché
Friday, March 20th - 9:00 pm
L’Ouvre-Boîte (18 €)
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Whether it is synth-punk or krautrock, the music of this trio is more like the underworld of Los Angeles than of Sunset Boulevard. Drummer Patchy Garcia also provides vocals and founded the group with bassist Marcos Rodriguez. The two friends from Puerto Rico then met the Mexican Paco Casanova in California. The latter heats up the keyboards and machines of the most bewitching noise project around at the moment. The group arouses curiosity and has already won over a number of aficionados outside their borders. With the latest release in 2019 called “Mister President”, the group balances words and sounds without restraint. The concerts are powerful and really well put together. It’s quite a mix of organic, analogue and electric sounds!
Le Blues autour du Zinc