Skip The Use

Sunday, March 29th - 8:00 pm
(Français) Magic Mirrors (28 €)
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Since 2008 when they began, this group from Lille has never been locked into one single musical style and play electro rock, pop, soul and ska with a hint of punk attitude! The group has won numerous awards, including a Victore de la Musique en 2012. This has enabled the catchy tunes to have good media exposure and attract a faithful following. Skip The Use have become the group to see, not only in France but also abroad. The number of fans just keeps on increasing. Of course talent has something to do with the success. While 2016 was a break for the group, 2019 has seen a hit tour with a new rhythm section and their new album “Past & Future”, which is as classy and powerful as all the others. Of special note is the track “Du Bout Du Doigt”. You can discover the live version in the Magic Mirrors along with other new songs during the closing concert of the festival. That’s “Damn Cool”, just like the 25 years of Blues Autour du Zinc!
Le Blues autour du Zinc