Soviet Suprem

Trad Electro Hip-hop
Tuesday, June 29th - 7:30 pm
Elispace (18 €)
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Can two individuals present a classy musical project? The answer is da. For SOVIET SUPREM possesses the necessary Slavic elegance and the sharp retro-futuristic vision of a certain politico-musical culture. There are incisive texts rapped and sung to traditional sounds and electro pop bawdiness. The atmosphere is assured by R-Wan, a musette rapper from the group Java who becomes «Sylvester Stalin» and «John Lenin», AKA Toma Feterman. With an almost military rigour, the two kamarades know perfectly well how to compose. We feast on this supreme mixture and its little stories that shake up historical facts about the Eastern Bloc and that reinvent Western pop.
Le Blues autour du Zinc