(Français) SuperManga 3

Pop Rock
Saturday, March 24th - 3:00 pm
Adapei Les Rigallois
SuperManga 3 is a group that was dreamt up, formed and motivated by Philippe Virolle and approved in 2013 by Marc Hermant, the director of the Adapei du Vexin (An association for people with learning difficulties). There are cover versions in the group’s repertoire including Anglo-Saxon and French rock songs.   Titles by the Rolling Stones, Alain Bashung, Serge Gainsbourg and Téléphone to name but a few can be heard. Quality is present in every concert. The lineup of artists varies depending on their availability. But concerts are always guaranteed. Among the ranks of SuperManga3 are 7 singers, 2 passionate players who know their way round a keyboard, 2 drummer-percussionists and an authentic drummer. All credit to this great human project where sharing is the essential element!
Le Blues autour du Zinc