Johnny Montreuil

Friday, March 20th - 12:00 pm
(Français) Magic Mirrors (5 €*)
* ou gratuit sur présentation d'un billet du festival
The happy band of pals who accompany Johnny Montreuil will be on late in Magic Mirrors. At midnight on Friday 20 March, these travelling musicians will work their magic to liven the place up. You will be treated to a feast of rockabilly crafted with a Tarantino-esque elixir sprinkled with Gainsbourg style incantations! The Blues Autour du Zinc guarantees an evening where good humour will be the watchword of these wild guys. Frenzied rhythms are punctuated with western moods in “So Long Taulard” as well as Parisian urchin romance in “L’Herbe Tendre”. Johnny Montreuil loves creating different atmospheres because this man, complete with moustache and sideburns, has a face full of atmosphere.
Le Blues autour du Zinc