The association

Founded in 1996 by Laurent MACIMBA, the association Comptoir Magique consists of a board directors:

- Aideen FAHY, President
- Céline LACROIX, Treasurer, Volunteer Organizer, Catering
- Hubert DELARGILLIERE, Bar Management and Organization
- Bryan JOHNSON, Commercial Negotiations
- Kadia LEBEL, Commercial Negotiations
- Laurent MACIMBA, Artistic Director
- Julien DRAY, Technical Director
- Alison, Translation
- Jean-Christophe, Nathaly, Céline, Michèle(s), Léo, Denis, Aideen, Frédéric, Laure, Philippe, Rachid, Dominique, Véronique(s), Hubert, Christelle, Aline, Jessica, Claudine, Jean-Michel, Nathalie(s), May, Nadège, Hélène, Fred, Nicolas, Valérie(s), Yann, Laurent, Isabelle, Fanny, Mahaut, Sylvie, Thierry, Chrystelle, Sandra, Alain, Aurélie, Martine, Marc, Béatrice, Clément, Emilie, Laetitia, Gwladys, Régis, Kadia, Stéphane, Danielle, Vincent, Lise, Sylvain, Alison, Bruno, Michel, Corinne, Alice, Bryan, Kadia, Carole, Clémentine, Justine…

And many others to come who will complete the team, a bonded group since 1996.

In parallel with our mission for programming live music, we are collaboration with various partners setting up artistic and cultural workshops throughout the year.

Le Blues autour du Zinc